about the platform atinati

ATINATI is a new media platform, created with the purpose of producing and curating high-quality digital content about Georgian art and culture. Considering significant scarcity of information about the country and simultaneous interest it has sparked among global audiences over the course of the past years, the platform aspires to bring Georgian culture into focus.

Literally meaning “the first ray of light that permeates darkness” or, figuratively speaking, “first piece of knowledge, clarity” in Georgian, ATINATI is an unprecedented project that promises to manifest local art, fashion, architecture, literature, theater, film, and a variety of cultural realms.

The greatest asset of ATINATI is a sizeable group of its contributors, who are essentially the movers and shakers behind modern-day cultural transformations in Georgia. It is through such superior curated content that ATINATI envisions providing readers around the globe with fascinating stories, features and up-to-date news from the very crossroads of the East and West.