30/11/2012 COLLECTION

ATINATI is a charitable foundation dedicated to promoting Georgian arts and culture. Its commitment is reflected through the strategic op- eration of two key channels: the media platform ATINATI.COM and the ATINATI’S cultural centre.

The name holds a metaphorical significance, perfectly encapsulating the mission and vision of the foundation. Derived from the Georgian word “ATINATI,” it symbolises the first ray of sunlight that illuminates the surroundings.

Figuratively, it represents the first ray of knowledge and clarity. ATINATI strives to achieve its objective by introducing significant events from Georgia’s rich history to contemporary society, spanning ancient times to the present day. Additionally, the foundation is committed to promot- ing and nurturing talented individuals from the art world.

ATINATI places a significant emphasis on its extensive collection of artworks. This growing collection encompasses diverse artistic media, providing a comprehensive portrayal of the continuous evolution of art from the modernist era to the contemporary age.