Murtaz Shvelidze (მურთაზ შველიძე) was born in 1967 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1992. Murtaz Shvelidze contributes with Dédicace Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia. His work mostly involves fine art, graphics and instalations. Shvelidze’s work has been shown at group and solo exhibitions in Georgia as well as abroad. He has been shown at the Biennale Armenia (2006) and Artisterium Tbilisi (2008). Murtaz Shvelidze’s works are held in different collections in Georgia and in abroad.

Participation in Group exhibitions: Forum of modern art, Dagomis (2000); “Great atrophy”, HAI-ART. Yerevan and “Arc of stability”, St. Petersburg (2001); “Art Caucasus”, Tbilisi (2004-2005); Gyumri (Armenia) biennale (2006); “11 Georgian painters”, London (2007); “Artisterium”, Tbilisi (2008); “You can’t change the heartbeat of my country”, a series of exhibition in Telavi, Signangi, Gori, Rustavi (2009); “Writing with color”, Center of contemporary art, Tbilisi (2011); “Tree”, GPI Holding’s project. TBC Gallery, Tbilisi (2012); “Down, Up”, Vilnius, Lithuania (2013). Solo shows: “Landscapes”, The old Gallery, Tbilisi (1997); “The feelings preservation chamber:, N Gallery, Tbilisi (2000); “C” – New series, basement Club (2001); “Landscapes – 3”, Art-café “Kapiri” (2006); ProArt”, ProCredit Bank (2007); “Big play off”, Gala Gallery (2011); “Jump”, Gala Gallery (2013); “At Home”, Gala Gallery (2014); “Western Sector” Dédicace Gallery (2018); “Spying”, Dédicace Gallery (2019); “Detectio” Dédicace Gallery (2021).