Niniko Morbedadze (ნინიკო მორბედაძე - 1957) was born and is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. She attended the Tbilisi State Academy of Art Faculty of Graphic Art. Niniko had her international auction debut in July 2020 when her work Beyond Time successfully sold at Phillips auction in London. Her second auction sale took place in April 2021 when The Fairy Tale successfully sold during the 20th Century & Contemporary Art Day Sale at Phillips, London. Throughout her career, Niniko has worked extensively as a film production designer. Notable examples include her work with such Georgian film directors as Mikheil Kobakhidze, Besarion Giorgobiani, Nodar Managadze and Giga Agladze on the film “The Other Me” with David Lynch as the executive producer. Ten works by Niniko are kept as part of the Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection at the Zimmerli Art Museum in New Jersey. Her works have been exhibited and sold domestically and internationally to private collections across Europe, the UK and the US.