Lelo Chichinadze

Lelo (Leila) Chichinadze (ლელო ჭიჭინაძე) graduated from the Faculty of Art History at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. She has since worked as a researcher in the Department of Decorations at the Georgian State Museum of Theater, Music, Cinema and Choreography (which is currently known as the Art Palace of Georgia – Museum of Cultural History). From 2010 to 2012 she guided the process of creating the Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater Museum. Chichinadze is currently a foundation guard of the Repository of Fine Arts, and a member of the Science Foundation. Chichinadze's activities focus on the study of theater and film painting, choreography, and other fields of art and the design of expositions. She has organized over 400 exhibitions, including:

1. Author of the project and curator of the exhibition: “The Artist Who Was Ahead of His Time (100th anniversary of Petre Otskheli),” Tbilisi, History Museum, 2007; 

2. Author of the project and curator of the exhibition: “Italy in Georgia,” Tbilisi, Europe House, 2011;

3. Author of the project and accompanying text, curator of the exhibition: “Catalog Ioseb Sumbatashvili – 100,” 2015;

4. Co-author of the exhibition: “History of the Georgian Alphabet,” Germany, Klingspor Museum Offenbach, 2018;

5. Author of the project and curator of the exhibition: “Georgian Modernism - Emma Lalaeva-Ediberidze,” 2020;

6. Article: “Petre Otskheli and Georgian Modernism,” e-magazine Atinati, https://atinati.com,  2021;

7. Editor of the catalogue: “Koka Ignatov,” 2017;

8. Author of the article: “Evgeni Mikeladze,” magazine Archival News, №18, 2017;

9. Scientific article: “Georgian Classical Ballet,” book Our Dignities, 2015, volume 8;

10. Author of the project and the text: “Album Guram Bzvaneli and the Georgian Jazz Quartet,” 2015;

11. Author of the text: ”Album: German Artists and the Caucasus,” 2015;

12. Lecture at the international congress Modernism in the Caucasus: “The David Arsenishvili Collection,” Florence (Italy), Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation Life Beyond Tourism, 2012;

13. Article: “The Fairyland of Maria Perini,” Ballet Magazine Arabesque, №1 (16), 2011;

14. Scientific paper: “Vakhtang Rurua – Cinematographer,” magazine Soviet Art, №2, 1985.