Natia Natsvlishvili

Natia Natsvlishvili (ნათია ნაცვლიშვილი) is a Senior Researcher at the George Chubinashvili National Research Center in Tbilisi. In 2019, she received a PhD from the Ilia State University (Tbilisi) for her research into the history and architecture of Catholic churches in Georgia.

She is co-author (with Dimitri Tumanishvili and David Khoshtaria) of the book “Master Builders in Medieval Georgia” (2012, Japanese edition 2020), and contributed to the books “Church Building in Nineteenth-Century Tbilisi: Architecture and Identity” (2016), and “Urban Planning and Architectural Design in the Cities of Georgia” (2019). Natia Natsvlishvili is also actively involved in cultural heritage preservation projects throughout Georgia.