14 FEB / 16:00 Gallery Artbeat
Gallery Artbeat presents Tamo Jugeli's solo exhibition, 'Random Order'.
‘Exhibition ‘Random Order’ unites Tamo Jugeli’s painterly canvases created in recent years. Georgian artist based in Tbilisi, Georgia carries heritage of a postmodern global culture and simultaneously of a state, which after centuries-old existence has a status with a regional conflict on the post-soviet geopolitical map. It would have been relevant if we evaluated influences of this bizarre cultural heritage on Jugeli’s creative work but yet again her latest show reveals to us that she seems to be indifferent towards any cultural authenticity and institutional systems. Even more, Jugeli’s paintings can be useful instruments in guiding us to understand the disorganized future we are only aware of through logical speculations.
Transgression of scarlet and azure patches painted on large canvases together with semi-figures spontaneously binding on the canvases offer to the spectator an alternative play-game born in groundlessness. As a flautist’s ballade blown through the lifeless desert, so compositional syntax in each artwork appears to be antagonistic but consistent in melody. Structures flowing from volumetric painterly transparence to rigid geometricized graphics are written in one sculptural wholeness, in which main and second degree elements are just relatively meaningful. Thus systemic diversity of expressivity establishes autonomy of order in itself. Here destruction and alienation are not just surmounted and rejected but are non-existent categories too. The artist aspires to express through confident purposefulness new ways and logics, where each color and figurative element has its unique, mindfully isolated territory.
It is strange that experienced cultural deduction is unable to define silhouette of the future, except from the value of movement in itself, which contemporary artists offer to us as an uncompromising play-game in this unknown world’ - Buka Motiashvili.
Tamo Jugeli is a young, Georgian emerging self-taught artist born in 1994. During 2013-2017 she studied Journalism at David Aghmashenebeli University of Georgia and only started painting af- ter. Soon she became mentored by internationally renowned artist and writer, Gia Edzgveradze.
Paintings of Tamo Jugeli carry traces of unconscious impulses by its linear as well as color factures. An intuitive flow composed of simple elements of figures, colors and forms create complex and dynamic networks, which sometimes are transformed into shapes and sometimes are broken into abstractive signs. Each element stands on the frontier of a figurative or a plane deconstruction. Visual signs establish sculptural, fluid, spatial dimensions and attain their autonomy. We are witnesses to a game between transgration and sublimation, between the rational and the irrational.
Artworks, which have their own scale, space and limitless desire to break the boundaries can easily be read as topographic maps of brisk and irrational motion.

Opening: 12 February, 16:00-19:00
12 February - 20 March, 2022
Address: 14 P. Ingorokva street, Tbilisi
Gallery is open from Tuesday till Sunday, 11:00-19:00

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