16 MAR / 18:00 Dédicace Gallery

Dédicace Gallery presents the exhibition of monotypes by Gogi Tsereteli - "Dates of the Civil War," which are created in two weeks during the civil war of Georgia. By considering the historical context, the artist's about 150 monotype works have resonated for 30 years in Georgian art and not only. The works created in 1992 still maintain a sensible connection to the latest art created in Georgia. In a way, it becomes significant in historical and visual studies of Georgian contemporary art. So it is considered to show widespread.
Gogi Tsereteli, as a graphic artist, is an experimentalist. His whole career is a search for a new method or subject. Herewith, he tries not to forget traditions and uses the experience for artistic development. So that, neither he, as an artist, nor the artwork, as an art, loses its authenticity and retains the sense of reality that is so characteristic for Gogi Tsereteli. That is why it becomes easy to tell his experimental view on his graphic works.
The abstract monotypes created during the civil war in 1991-1993 present artist's sensual reactions to the extreme situation in the country. At that time, no one knew what the outcome would be. For Gogi, it seemed he had to express his maximum in his art, as though he didn't have time. In this context, monotypes presented at the exhibition contrast with the time they are created and the visual characteristics they can be characterized: refined and perfected compositions, structurally calligraphic works create a kind of historical dimension where everything is inserted and alive.
The historical reality is important in these specific works. In general, the formation of the artist always takes place in time, he changes and transforms in it, so time as the fourth dimension has its relations to the art. The work of art is always adapted to a certain process, and the artist implies to be in a meditative state in that process. Such conditions are given in Gogi Tsereteli's abstract monotypes, where time and process create a state where the resonant confrontations between darkness and light, as between war and hope, become symbolic. Hereafter, the title of the exhibition symbolically repeats the dates as a significant, that determines these particular works.
At the exhibition, we also present the complete catalog of Gogi Thereteli. The catalog was compiled and published on the creative initiative of Graphic Contemporary Center and with the support of The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia.

Duration:  16.03 - 29.03.2022

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