29 MAR / 12:00 Gallery Artbeat
Artbeat presents ‘Meat-eater is Crying’, Tamar Botchorishvili’s second solo exhibition at the gallery.
Current exposition unites artist’s graphic drawings, collages and figures, which were created during 2021 - 2022 years.
Series of artworks in the 'Meat-eater is Crying' include two narratives - the first tells us a story of the artist’s dog and is directly connected to the artist’s personal experience while interacting with the creature. The second tells us about the discovery of geographic identity as cultural information and establishing necessary forms in order to depict this information. This process is the result of the artist’s dreamy and phantasmagoric trip to Tusheti region of Georgia.
Memory as history is an evolving structure that gives a certain meaning to an individual's life. Being in time makes human existence historical from the very beginning. Enigmatic events always leave their trace on us and change our point of perception. What is the trace? Whose is it? How does it affect us?
Life and death, playfulness and strictness, attractive and horrifying elements are all merged in each other in Botchorishvili’s works. At first, we must pay attention to figures and question how they fuse with the nature, what kind of phantasmagoric forms flow into each other? Forms of abstracted figures acquire enigmatic mood and their movements sometimes express humorous and gracious emotions.
From the beginning we can easily fall into deep symbolism of Botchorishvili’s artworks. On the simply arranged plane composition depicted interplayed objects among each other are reduced to absurdity. It pushes us to comprehend the main message of the artworks. Everything is sealed with subjective impressions and notes. At first, we are coming in contact with different animals, their poses or movements. We can relate to them and are understandable, but their abstract forms don’t give us any possibility to individualize them. As if they are sealed images in memory, which can only be accessible by their owner. These new series of works by Botchorishvili gives us the opportunity to look deeply into the intimate aspects of the human being and the artist gives to them a higher degree of universality by using graphic and collage techniques.
Tamar Botchorishvili’s artworks represent an attempt of self-reflexion and self-understanding. Graphic drawings and objects created by combination of different materials and techniques tell the story of past experiences, drama and unexpected future.
Artworks include small-sized sculptures and drawings. On the one hand, these artworks represent cheerfulness and a playful (toy like) aesthetics but on the other hand, they express topics like: family and society, body and sexuality, death and subconscious.
The works take form from personal and collective experiences and are changing according to the meaning of different narratives. They speak about fundamental issues that dominate on all levels of society and transform dramatic contexts into cheerful playing forms.

Opening: 1 April, 17:00-20:00
1 April - 11 May, 2022
Address: 14 P. Ingorokva street, Tbilisi
Gallery is open from Tuesday till Sunday, 11:00-19:00

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