01 APR / 17:00 Tbilisi History Museum

"If you imagine the space you are in now as a book which unfolds in front of your eyes, you will realize that its main protagonist is a city. Everything evolves around it and everything that happens is related to it. Each and every work you see here can be perceived as a chapter of this book. The houses in these pictures are also the characters. The book has no specific beginning or an end. You can start reading it from any chapter. It never ends, as it is impossible to end a journey in the city. It’s impossible to think that you have already read it once and for all,"- says Medea Imerlishvili.



Opening: April 1, 2022, 5pm

Duration: April 1 - 17, 2022

Location: Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla)

Address: 8 Sioni street.

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