naQari / Mazanko

02 APR / 12:00 MAUDI
naQari is a Georgian artist, based in Rustavi.
In 2022 she actively started publishing work. Her work evolved between trip-hop, electronic and experimental music.

Mazanko was created in lockdown 2020, by Christopher Manning, as an attempt to make electronic without the use of loops, with constantly developing synth lines floating over non-repetitive beats, accompanied occasionally by field recordings, trumpet and clarinet, realized on Destruction of the Outer Realm, the project’s first album.
After Destruction of the Outer Realm, Mazanko has become interested in exploring hyper-complex polymeter based on prime numbers, with pieces having a much more clear sense of pulse, as well as some explorations of microtonality.
Live will be accompanied by viduals by Oleg Perkowsky.

Doors Open: 17:00
Tickets: 10 GEL