17 APR / 16:00 LC Queisser
Please join us for the opening of the group show 'In Heat Wounds Wind Holes' with works by Tolia Astakhishvili, Stefanie Heinze, Keto Logua, Nancy Lupo.

LC Queisser gallery is pleased to invite you to an exhibition opening of In Heat Wounds Wind Holes. The upcoming group exhibition at LC Queisser unites the works of four artists, Tolia Astakhishvili, Stefanie Heinze, Keto Logua, and Nancy Lupo. In this collaborative show Tolia Astakhishvili, who often utilizes architecture and site- specific installations as her main medium, was invited to completely take over the temporal architectural reconstruction of the gallery space. The more intimate spaces of divided architecture each conceal a piece of the participating artist, which is in correspondence to the common themes of spatial interaction, public and private architecture and its notations, demolition, displacement, and nostalgia. Stefanie Heinze’s abstract painting of morphed figurations echoes a process of biotic decay into space, while Keto Logua’s natural branch sculptures translocate into a gallery infrastructure from its domain habitat, therefore, communicating the feeling of being removed and looted of autonomy. Change of scenario and thus individual storyline becomes a working material for Nancy Lupo, who presents her recent video work, set off of the footage from her hometown, executed in an intricate technique, intermixing collage, painted over hand-scans and video effects.

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