12 MAY / 19:00 Dédicace Gallery
Misha Gogrichiani is a contemporary Georgian artist who continues active work from the 1990s till today. In Georgia, the artist is presented by Dédicace Gallery, where his works have been shown to the viewer since 2010. The first exhibition was "My Father's Hunting Dogs," what fellowed "Alpinist Diaries" in 2013, and known for everyone - "Try Once Again" in 2014, "Percentages" - within Artisterium in 2015, "Painter's House" in 2016, "Class, Happy Childhood" in 2017, "If you don’t know how to fly, learn to drop" in 2018, in 2019 and 2020 Misha Gogrichiani was participating in the gallery's group exhibitions: "Per Aspera" and "I Love Coffee, I Love Tea." In 2021 gallery's new exhibiting space on I. Tarkhnishvili street opened Misha Gogrichiani's one of the artist's american series - "Horse Racing, Dedicated to Edgar Prado." The 2022 exhibition will feature the 2011-2012 series "The Library" made before the artist left for the United States.
In this series, the viewer will meet not a library, but “the Library” and the characters or objects that symbolize it. For example, the men who read newspapers, they are such familiar and characteristic to any reader who enters the library. Here is that famouse wooden chair that is hardx to forget. Here you can also see the portrait of the director of the National Library of Georgia in 1998-2004 - Levan Berdzenishvili.
From this short description it is clear that Misha Gogrichiani's "The Library" should be in your "must see" list. So the exhibition opens on May 12, at 7 p.m.

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