WAR Diaries_ Gallery week

28 MAY / 13:00 Tbilisi
WAR DIARIES is a multimedia project combining artists and musicians, actors and writers, aiming to spread the word from Ukraine.
In Tbilisi, the program unites the Gallery Week and Live stream at MUTANT Radio with Ukrainian and Georgian Musicians like Nika Machaidze, Tusia Beridze, and Rezo Kiknadze, Anushka Chkheidze, Anton Slepakov & Andrei Sokolov, Oleh Shpudeiko and Junket.
Up to 13 galleries and art institutions are involved in the project such as ARTBEAT, 4710, E.A. Shared space and Danarti magazine, WINDOW PROJECT, PROPAGANDA NETWORK, POSTA DA KONA & LC-QUEISSER, THE WHY NOT gallery, Patara Gallery, JIBU /TASO, MAUDI and Life N Style. Artists to be presented in these galleries are Kinder Album, Taras Bychko, Ksenia Hnylytska, Nikita Kadan, Alevtina Kakhidze, Zhana Kadirova, Ivan Sautkin, Lesia Khomenko, Vladyslav Krasnoshchok, Danylo Movchan, Mykhailo Skop, Stanislav Ostrous, Daniil Galkin, Vlada Ralko and Oleksandr Shatokhin.
Almost all of the participants in the program remain in Ukraine. Therefore, the event aims to collect funding to support them during these difficult times.
The first edition of WAR Diaries is supported by Creative Europe Desk Georgia, TBC Bank, Adjara Group and Mutant Radio
If you'd like to help please donate to the following account:
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