15 JUN / 19:00 Dédicace Gallery

Dédicace Gallery presents third solo exhibition by Giorgi Gagoshidze (Gagosh) called – Street Lights. Artworks presented on the exhibition are made in different mediums. They are movables, and relief.
Street Lights represent a systematic model of governance. They allow or prohibit us from taking specific actions, or simply make us wait without answering. According to the system, Humans may belong to three categories: First, those who abide by street light rules. Second, those who set the rules, and third, those who do not obey systemic orders. The latter can interact with the system, suddenly change their decisions and create their own rules. The presented series allows spectators to define to which category they belong. The exhibition opens 07.06.2022 at 7 PM and continues till 19.06.2022.

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