05 JUL / 18:00 TBC CONCEPT
July 5th from 6 pm, TBC Concept Flagship, at Marjanishvili 7, is hosting contemporary Georgian artistic ceramics exhibition - “Clay Space”.
The exhibition will feature 41 ceramic works by 14 authors of different generations.
The featured authors are: Merab Gugunashvili, Nato Eristavi, Otar Vepkhvadze, Mariam Izoria, Nino Kopaladze, Gigisha Pachkoria, Irina Salmina, Beka Tabaghua, Nino Tsitsishvili, Lali Qutateladze, Malkhaz Shvelidze, Elene Chlaidze, Ana Japaridze, Irine Jibuti.
“Singing of hands, art of fire, music of soul - that is how artists perceive ceramics - an ancient, complex and fascinating craft. The creative power of the masters of ceramic art is multifaceted and boundless...
Soil, water and fire turn into beauty in their hands.
Their creations keep the fluttering of the human soul forever.
Clay, the main raw material of ceramics, is a special mineral mixture.
Due to its plasticity, it easily obeys the human will, retains its given shape during modeling, and becomes solid and smooth after drying and firing. Fingerprints are clearly observable on its surface - traces of a live touch of the master’s hands.
However, the strength gained from fire is not permanent - ceramic work is fragile and therefore should be treated “as if it were alive”.
The ceramic artists themselves are especially careful with ceramic works - they know how difficult it is to bring the idea to fruition. In order to achieve the desired result, you need to know all the complexities of the path of “baptism by fire”.
How nervous is the artist during the firing process, when he/she, willing or not, has to be separated from the work by the oven’s tightly closed door!
And how much joy reuniting with the piece can bring?!
The gentle glittering of finished, cooled ceramic enamel, the enigmatic brilliance of metallic salts, the even breath of smoked surfaces and volumes... That is why ordinary clay pottery is humanly warm and charming even in our times.
It is human-made.” – Alde Kakabadze

Curator of the exhibition is Ketevan Kordzakhia.

The exhibition is until August 30, 2022.

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