10 JUL / 19:00 Vanda Art gallery
Art Gallery "Vanda" presents Papuna Papaskiri's personal exhibition "Hunting in White Space".
Papuna Papaskiri was born and raised in Sukhumi (Abkhazia). After the war in Abkhazia, in 1993 he moved to Tbilisi with his family, and in 1994 he entered the Tbilisi State Academy of Art.
After graduating from the Academy, Papuna participated in various exhibitions both in Georgia and abroad. His works are kept in private collections around the world.
Over the years, his creations has undergone significant transformations, and color has come to play a leading role in his paintings.
The exhibition "Hunting in White Space" was created over the last two years and includes 25 paintings, which have one thing in common: "Here the only creator and actor is the color - a hunter in white space. Here is everything or nothing at all" - Papuna Papaskiri
"I don't know when I started to paint.
I don’t know why I started to paint either.
There was Sokhumi.
There was a war in Sokhumi.
I don’t know what I can compare the painting process to.
Feeling of thurst?
Or maybe the feeling of need?
Everything was changing around me.
And then there was color…
Color remained.
There was pain…
Ah, I remember.
I remember why I started to paint.
I was standing in the white space.
I was standing alone, in solitude, and a hunter for color." - Papuna Papaskiri

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