12 JUL / 16:00 The National Gallery
The multimedia exhibition "Noise of Stones" is a collection of the best works created by Zura Apkhazi in recent years. Long-term searches helped to form individual vision of the artist, Further deepening of his interests resulted in bold, impressive images defining the style of Zura Abkhazi.
Zura Apkhazi (Apkhazashvili) was born in 1968. After graduating from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (1996), he has been teaching art at Uplistsikhe school for years, and at the same time, he participated in various exhibitions. His oeuvre is greatly influenced by the brutality of New German Expressionism, displayed through big textural canvases, which developed into an original variety of large-scale series, where his individuality revealed.
Zura Apkhazi’s studio set amidst captivating landscapes and the archaic prodigiousness of Uplistsikhe might provide powerful insight into the motifs that have shaped his artistic language. He creates black and white images of the cosmos that are as mysterious as the cosmos itself.
The project is presented by Dédicace Gallery with which Zura Apkhazi is connected with long collaborative history. The Exhibition is curated by Khatuna Khabuliani, the Video piece is created by Aleksi Soselia and Ucha Tsotseria, and the sound by Dima Dadiani.

Curator: Khatuna Khabuliani
Dédicace Gallery
Exhibition data - 12.07.2022 – 07.08.2022
Opening - 12.07.2022 – 16:00 p.m.