01 SEP / 06:00 Gallery 4710
Gallery 4710 presents the first solo show by Salome Jokhadze "I Hope I'm Breathing Right".
The exhibited works were made specifically for this show, crafted with various materials.
Salome Jokhadze is a multimedia artist who works with numerous different mediums: painting, embroidery, objects, installation, digital art. Her art is mainly influenced by personal experience, coming together as a unique style of form and color.
The exhibition depicts Salome's thoughts in her transitory phase and delves into her personal experiences about tiptoeing a fuzzy line from adolescence to adulthood, a persistent anxiousness with an endless search for safe spaces and a kind of fear, which, as already felt in the title, makes the artist question even the simple act of her own breathing.
Salome uses numerous symbols in the exhibition that serve as a sort of metaphor for the viewer: wisdom teeth, a thorned house, swords, warrior women and abstract shapes are all part of the search that defines Salome's inner world.
The exhibition will open on the 1st of September, 18:00
and will continue until the 22nd of September.