06 SEP / 16:00 The National Gallery
Dimitrt Shevardnadze National Gallery presents Manuchar Okrostsvaridze solo exhibition Where Are We Now?
Manuchar Okrostsvaridze multimedia project explores the contradictory and complicated nature of art, which can immerse us into the feelings or condition of another subject, prompting us to empathize. By means of generalization, emotional transference or projection artist gets us into an empathetic state and makes us intensely feel the other person's drama or psycho-emotional state and at the same time leaves us at a safe distance for ourselves. The distance is the opportunity not only to stay safe, but also to transform the felt drama into esthetical value. How can we realize and feel the reality in intense way by means of art and at the same time take distance from it, protect ourselves from everyday life and social routine? How to get from the concrete reality to the space of abstract ideas?
As the answer and research of these issues, project suggests three different ‘conditions’. To express each condition artist uses various media and visual language. Whether in one case he brings in an object, in another – he makes it disappear. The goal is to create the feeling of confrontation, immersion or isolation; to create the triangle between artist, artwork and the viewer - as a space for questions and interpretation.

Opening: 6th of September, 16:00
Address: Rustaveli ave #11

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