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20 SEP / 18:00 TBC CONCEPT
On September 20, TBC Concept Flagship, at Marjanishvili 7, will host the exhibition: Lado Alexi-Meskhishvili, Architect on the edge of epochs. The exhibition is organized by TBC.
The exhibition brings together an extensive collection of works of Georgian Architect Lado Alexi-Meskhishvili. It traces the architect’s development from his early projects to his final building. Prolific career that spans over four decades, shows the personal artistic transformation as well as the changes in the socio-political context of his works. Exhibited material includes a collection of sketches and drawings, photographs, films, archival material, and models.
Lado Alexi-Meskhishvili is one of those prominent architects, whose work left significant traces on Georgia and particularly on Tbilisi. He belongs to the first generation who studied architecture in Georgia. Over the course of his education and work, two fundamental changes occurred in architecture - the introduction of socialist realism (the 1930s), which supported designing national features and often directly pushed for decorativeness; and later, the USSR resolution “On Elimination of Excesses in Design and Construction” (1955), which developed speedy and economical industrial construction, while creating the basis for simplicity and strict forms of expression, therefore, banning all those decorative elements that distinguished the architecture of the former period.

Curated by: Dimitri Eristavi, Lado Shonia, in collaboration with Nini Palavandishvili
Exhibition Duration:
September 20 – December 31