From October 15 CROSTY ART SPACE will host a solo exhibition of the Georgian visual artist Teo Maspindzelashvili. Her working mediums are: installation, painting and object. Therefore, forms and spaces are the main components of the artwork. In the last two years, her installations have been mainly devoted to the search for safe and secure places in the mental and physical environment.
After graduating from the painting faculty of the Free University, she continued her studies at Chelsea College in London. Which, as the artist tells us, was quite an interesting period in terms of artistic practice. Teo has participated in various group exhibitions and residency programs. In 2020, she became a Tsinandali Award nominee.
The artist's paintings are highlighted by its expressiveness, which causes chaos and freedom of interpretation in viewers. Teo's color palette allows us to see contrasts between fast, continuous lines - where they end and where new ones begin.
The objects become the binder of the exposition, which organizes those chaotic lines. she tries to strike a balance between form and emotion and says that "The center is nowhere and everywhere at the same time, this is a reflection of the fact, that there is no absolutely safe place in the world and everything is conditional."

October 15 - December 1
Curated by Kati Arsenishvili