05 NOV / 18:00 Ria Keburia Foundation
Ria Keburia Foundation is pleased to present the group exhibition of five Georgian emerging visual artists, who have successfully completed a residency programe in various disciplines such as painting, sculpture and installation.
Participating artists: Mariam Aqubardia, Giorgi Vardiashvili, Lado Lomitashvili, Nika Koplatadze, Musya Qeburia.
Mariam Aqubardia (b.1991) is a visual artist from Tbilisi. Her main field of research is socio-political situation during the conflict. At the exhibition Mariam presents the project, ‘A River of Rusty-coloured tears’, that echoes the theme: of lost home. Two small canvases in a vast rusted tin house are synonymous with the forced displacement and trauma. Mariam's works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, including the exhibition supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, 'Art and Freedom', Tbilisi, 2020; 'Personal Structures ', parallel event of the 57th Venice Art Biennale, Palazzo Mora, Venice, 2017; In 2019, her project ‘Citrus trees wrapped against frost' won the Hein- rich Böll Foundation competition 'Bauhaus' and was implemented in Tbilisi on Station Square.
Giorgi Vardiashvili (b.1995) is a Tbilisi-based multimedia artist. He studied Visual Arts at the Free University of Tbilisi, School of Visual Arts. At the exhibition he presents the installation made of ice. Since 2015 Giorgi has taken part in several projects and exhibitions:
In 2017 he was named the best participant of the Tsinandali Prize;
In 2018 Vardiashvili became winner of the Tbilisi Architecture Biennale in the category of public art;
In 2019 he was invited to the ‘Ebenoeckhaus Residency Munich’ (Munich, Germany); and in 2020 has become the second time winner of the Tbilisi Architecture Biennale in the field of landscape design.
Nika Koplatadze (b.1997) is an emerging visual artist from Tbilisi. He has graduated from the Faculty of Painting at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. His artistic practice is diverse. Nika mainly works with painting, graphics and spatial in- stallations.He often portrays symbols associated with the empirical past, trying to adds elements of mysticism to it. The exhibition presents two of his works: an object that has a biomorphic form and represents the source of life, and a large-scale abstract canvas that depicts the relationship between the micro and macro worlds.
Lado Lomitashvili (b.1994) is a Tbilisi-based multidisciplinary artist. After graduating from Tbilisi Academy of Arts, he continued his studies at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, Netherlands with the direction of Contextual Design. Lado’s works combine architecture, spatial design and site-specific art. Under the name ‘CIVI NAVI’ the exhibition united everyday items and decorative objects created during the art residency.
He has been the recipient of several national and international awards, including the Tsinandali Prize in Visual Arts, the special Zygmunt Waliszewski Prize and was awarded 30 under 30 Leaders Forbes (Georgia) in Culture and Style nomination in 2018.
Musya Qeburia (b.1991) is a Tbilisi - based visual artist, mainly works with murals. In addition to her large-scale mon- umental colourful artworks her murals always refences specific social issues, gender biases, minority cultures and ecological themes. Musya has participated in numerous international festivals: Kharkiv Smart Fest (Kharkiv); Our voices from the spray cans (Norway); Mural Fest (Tbilisi); Backyard Stories (Batumi); Artisterium 2014, Tbilisi. She has collaborated with various companies in Georgian as well as internationally established ones, such as Booking.comAmazon.com, European Union, UNICEF, McDonald, Eastern Partnership, etc.

Curator - Nino Asanidze