18 FEB / 18:00 Gallery 4710
Gallery 4710 presents group show ‘One Tree Forest’.

‘This exhibition is not about trees, it’s about humans. If you think about it, it’s difficult to find a better metaphor for human in nature.’
Andria Dolidze
Esma Oniani
Guram Tsibakhasvhili
Karlo Katcharava
Keta Gavasheli
Tato Akhalkhatsishvili

Besik Kharanauli (poetry)
Kisho da Inteligentsia (music)

* The exhibition is part of the ‘The Message Project’ that aims to communicate with audience through different fields of art.
Exhibition concept: Ana Gabelaia
Curated by: Ana Gabelaia; Nini Darchia

Opening on Saturday, 18th February, 19:00-21:00;
Exhibition will last until 26th of March.