27 MAR / 19:00 Radisson Blu Iveria
On March 27th, 7pm Radisson Blu Iveria will be hosting an opening event of the exposition "Objects found in the pursuit of pleasure" - works by Georgian artist, Tengiz Sepiashvili.
Sepo - Tengiz Sepiashvili is one of the first artists in Georgia who took an interest in kinetic art and created large-scale installations for specific spaces. At the same time, he constantly works on small-scale sculptures and collages, paintings and drawings, and is the author of vivid, colorful, and expressive works.
Sepo works with simple visual formulas, combining pop-art motifs with strange, surreal visions. With the flat surfaces, modeled only by color, he can create a sense of space and mood simultaneously.
The exhibition presents works selected from the recent series, where there is complexity and simplicity simultaneously. Each piece has an independent story, whether an image aroused from a personal association or a composition containing an unidentified content of travel or theatrical motif. Often the emphasis is on the themes of relaxation, fun, eroticism, and relationship with nature and is conveyed by grotesque, animated modeling, where there is always an existential element with tones of sadness.