30 MAR / 19:00 Dédicace Gallery
Dédicace Gallery presents a group exhibition of the best representative artists of millennia. The following will be presented at the exhibition: Archibald Kordzaia, Gega Kutateli, Giorgi Otiashvili, Giorgi Khaniashvili, David Kukhalashvili, Tamar Khmiadashvili. The first group exhibition took place in 2013 at the Georgian film studio. "Marge Layers" was curated by the artists themselves. In 2017 the second exhibition entitled: "Open Studios" - was curated by Irina Popiashvili and Lali Pertenava. In the same year, another group show - "Welcome to Paradise" was organized at Artarea place and curated by VAADS students. Fourteen artists took part in the exhibition, and despite the differences in artistic styles, their working studio was unifying. It is from these studios that the career of the group On/Off and Giorgi Khanashvili begins, who today are active and successful in Georgian and foreign art markets.
After ten years, in 2023, a group of artists under the curatorship of Davit Kukhalashvili presents an exhibition entitled: GRADUS.
The project is supported by Dédicace Gallery, which cooperates with participating artists and constantly presents outstanding works of outstanding representatives of contemporary Georgian art - painters, graphic artists, sculptors, and multimedia artists.