23 APR / 19:00 Hermit Space
 On April 23rd, at 19:00, Hermit space • ცალკე სივრცე invites you to the first solo exhibition of contemporary Georgian artist Ana Imerlishvili, entitled "When I grow up".
The forthcoming exhibition is set to showcase paintings and graphic works that have been created by the artist over the course of the last two years. As viewers engage with the works featured within the exposition, they will be struck by the discernible amalgamation of Western pictorial traditions from the preceding century, coupled with the characteristic simplicity and laconism that is representative of Georgian art. Furthermore, the work on display is notable for the marked individuality of the creator, who approaches each subject matter with a sincerity that is increasingly uncommon within both Georgian and global artistic contexts in contemporary times.
 Within the collection, the observer will encounter individual details of the human form, as portrayed through both portraiture and still life depictions. The artist presents these compositions in a unique and unconventional manner, often placing them against a relaxed backdrop. When viewed collectively, these distinct pieces come together to form a larger puzzle that provides insights into the author's personal experiences. Through a storytelling approach that is “sharp” the artist manages to communicate narratives that resonate with both their own lived experiences and those of the viewer.
 An exhibition curator: Salome Eristavi.
The art space will display the exhibition for the public until the May 2nd.