30 JUN / 00:00 4710
Gallery 4710 is thrilled to present Tamar Nadiradze's second solo show "As if I fell asleep."
The show showcases artist's latest series of works, which were created for this specific exhibition and unites 7 artworks in watercolor on paper, which are cognitive style of Tamar.
Main theme of Tamar's paintings is always human, as a main character around whom the events unfold. The object of her observation is the generalization of a character as an object and the sharing of a common experience. The plots reflect on recent events and are the attempts of response to important issues, which are played out in various absurd mise-en-scènes. For the author, what is important is not so much a specific appearance, instead how people react to it, what decisions they make, or what the consequences will be.
In the series of works presented on the exhibition, the author uses two important symbols, fabric and roots, as a tool to break down the common meaning.
The exhibition will open on Friday, June 9 and will last till July 30.
Opening: Friday, June 9, 19:00 - 21:00

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