08 SEP / 18:00 ATINATI's
We are pleased to invite you to the presentation of ATINATI'S Collection. Three years have passed since ATINATI was founded, and we celebrate this date with the presentation of the ATINATI Collection Catalog.
At the same time, an exhibition will be presented at the ATINATI'S Culture Center. The exhibition - ATINATI COLLECTION presents the works of contemporary, outstanding artists in various mediums preserved in the ATINATI collection.
ATINATI places a significant emphasis on its extensive collection of artworks. This growing collection encompasses diverse artistic media, providing a comprehensive portrayal of the continuous evolution of art from the modernist era to the contemporary age.
Date: 8 September
Time: 18:00
Address: P.Ingorokva 19a, Tbilisi, Georgia

The exhibition of the ATINATI collection will be on show until September 25

The nonprofit charitable organization ATINATI was established to promote Georgian art and culture. The foundation operates as a media portal ATINATI.COM and as the cultural centre ATINATI’S.

ATINATI's growing collection of artworks, which is being increased for the third consecutive year and already includes over 1000 artworks, is one of its most important undertakings. The private collection of ATINATI comprises works created in different media,  providing a vivid representation of the continuous line of artistic growth from the modernist era to the present day.

ATINATI COLLECTION is an exhibition presenting works that have been produced by outstanding contemporary artists using various media. They are preserved in the ATINATI’s collection.