Starting from August 17th, CROSTY ART SPACE presents its 12th personal exhibition, continuing its tradition of showcasing Georgian talent with sculptor Irakli Tsuladze. This showcase will feature his newest masterpieces, including two installations and six sculptures, predominantly crafted in 2023, reflecting his unique artistic touch.
Irakli's statues grace the cultural hubs of Tbilisi, Batumi, and beyond. Since his debut exhibition in 2001, his artistry has captivated global audiences in cities like Barcelona, London, Paris, and Seoul.
Artist’s work dives into the depths of human connections. He skillfully portrays tender emotions using resilient materials, transcending mere form to capture the very spirit of his subjects. His use of durable materials intensifies the emotions and connections of his characters. A notable element in this exhibition is the vibrant shade of red, representing love and passion. His pieces often showcase individuals immersed in shared feelings, mirroring his artistic perspective.
"In my art, I seek to encapsulate the energy and emotion within a space. My sculptures, be they pairs or compositions, are driven by a desire to connect, to intertwine, to become one," Irakli expresses.
For Irakli, it's paramount that his art resonates clearly with the audience, ensuring they feel the emotion he's infused into each piece. "The harmonious blend of form, emotion, symbolism, and stylized figures tells tales of love through fluid lines, creating a special unity, setting my work apart," he adds.
Dive into the world of Irakli Tsuladze and experience the profound emotion and artistry at CROSTY ART SPACE.

Curated by Kati Arsenishvili