03 SEP / 17:00 Gallery 4710

Gallery 4710 is thrilled to present young Georgian artist’s, Ana Korkia’s first solo exhibition “Namikrepia”

Show will last for a week, from September 3, till September 10

Ana Korkia is an young artist, that works in different mediums. The exhibition showcases her latest works, among them is the series, which is the central part of the exposition and was created in Tusheti. In the Tusheti series, the artist explores the peculiarity of Tusheti and uses characteristic materials for it, Tushetian rugged stone, on which the flowers that are typical to Tusheti are transferred by the linogravure printing technique, including the flower Namikrepia, which is known only in Tusheti by this name.

The artist will continue the academic year of 2023 at the Academy of Arts in Dusseldorf.

The exhibition will open on Sunday,
17:00 - 20:00