17 OCT / 12:00 RAUM
RAUM presents the group exhibition “Works on paper,” featuring the creations of four artists.
Paper is one of the most accessible materials in the realm of visual arts and continues to play a pivotal role in artistic expression today. This versatile medium and its unique characteristics significantly shapes an artist’s approach to their craft. The artists are given freedom in choice of size, texture, and color of the paper, which makes the creation of the painting a spontaneous process.
The artistic process reveals its simultaneous evolution from inception to completion, even when a piece remains in the form of a sketch.
This inherent spontaneity encourages artists to fully engage in their work, residing wholly in the present moment. Utilizing paper as a drawing medium empowers artists to express ideas that can only be defined within the confines of the present. It encourages them to prepare for the future by immersing themselves in their creative work.
Artists featured in this exhibition use a wide range of techniques in their work on paper, which remains a universal way of expressing themselves through art. Despite the varying artistic tendencies showcased in their works, this medium binds them together.

Tornike Chapodze
Ninka Skhiereli
Guram Shavdia
Giorgi Xaniashvili
Opening: 14.10.2023 - 17:00 - 20:00
Address: G. Tabidze street 18, Tbilisi.
Exhibition continues till 26th of November, by appointment.
+995 577431112