20 OCT / 18:00 ATINATI's
Leila Shelia’s (ლეილა შელია - 1953) solo exhibition will open at ATINATI’S Cultural Center on
October 20 at 18:00.
Location: P.Ingorokva street 19a
Leila Shelia is one of the foremost Georgian female abstractionist artists of the 20th century; she chose abstraction as her primary medium of expression in the 1980s.
The exhibition is to a certain extent a retrospective of abstract works executed by the artist over the course of 43 years. The works on display cover every stage of Leila Shelia's creative period – from the 1980s to the present day. Leila Shelia's solo show demonstrates how the abstract trajectory developed within her creative process. Certain works from ATINATI'S private collection will also be on display at the exhibition. Leila Shelia is an outstanding artist whose works form part of significant collections both locally and worldwide.
As the artist points out, having been originally inspired by her years spent in Abkhazia, she has been drawing ever since she was a young child. Nature itself possessed an infinite, generalized shape, and through her observations of the forest, the sea, plants and celestial bodies, she began thinking in an abstract way, and this new corporeality and subjectivity were subsequently reflected through her paintings. In Leila Sheila's artworks, scratches, hieroglyphs, rectangular-framed paintings, and brightly colored spots are all brought together to form a complete harmony.
Leila Shelia's exhibition will be on show at ATANATI'S Culture Center until November 3, 2023.