18 OCT / 00:00 Georgian Museum of Fine Arts

In October, the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts celebrates its 5th birthday!

To celebrate this day, the museum hosts for the first time an exhaustive exhibition, Banksy: Birth of an Icon, curated by Steve Lazarides. 

The exhibition is supported by SOLO X and Visa.

Partners: Huge TV, Caparol Georgia, Georgian National Turism Administration. 

The exposition traces the creative path of global megastar, legendary British graffiti artist Banksy from street art to museum walls.

The exhibition will open for the public at large on October 18 and will remain in Tbilisi for 4 months.

Steve Lazarides, curator:

The exposition encompasses an exclusive photo collection by curator Steve Lazarides and gripping video materials. And the culmination comes when you get to see with your own eyes Banksy’s originals from the private collection of British Lord Edward Churchill, MagtiCom’s partner. 

The exhibits include works using various media, such as sculpture, canvas, authentic street blinders, and so on.

Along with Banksy’s originals, one of the showrooms features works by Georgian street artists on the museum’s walls. Their integration lends a special charm to Banksy’s Tbilisi exposition. The wall pieces by Georgian street artists are curated by Elene Kapanadze. The featured creatives are actively working in Tbilisi’s streets, and their works related to the museum bear witness to their hallmark styles and impact on Georgian culture. 

Participating artists: Gagosha, Mishiko Sulakauri, Semichka, Koshka, SICK’N TIRED.