25 NOV / 17:00 Baia Gallery
Another Sky

Through her artistic expression, the painter has evoked the mystical symbolism of nature, inviting reflection on the soul's transcendent journey.
The deer, in Nino Meje’s art, embody a poignant paradox — once hunted, their bodies tired and heavy, now rest with weightless grace on the earthly stage. They appear asleep in the night’s magical serenity.
Innocence is their essence, as they have trusted their fate. Their harmless majestic horns reaching skyward represent both the earthly beauty and irresistible desires that pulse through the human spirit.
The bright, vibrant hues illuminate their surroundings, painting a vision of hope for a better humanity, where only light, love, and virtue exist. Where earthly needs dissolve, and the god is near.
These paintings are also Nino’s response to war, aggression, and hostility.