20 DEC / 17:00 The National Gallery
The exhibition "Someone is Stirring” is a demonstration of the artist's attitude towards stagnation and such a distribution of forces in the world, where individuals separated from the masses are often called "stingers". This is a hint that in the falseness caused by imitating each other, those who dare to have their own opinion, those who consciously or unconsciously want to break the sameness, staticity, and monotony, are most of the time excluded. The artist's interest in showing his deep psycho-emotional state of people and his attitude towards them is the line of the exhibition concept. His desire for the exhibition is to point to a process where the main character is the human being, but the surrounding clichés and chaos, often turn into a heavy psychological drama and it causes apparent stability, everything essentially loses its meaning and interferes with the artificially created order.
Eliso Julakidze
I got up early this morning. As always, I went to work. In general, I am not used to serving, I'm saying this just to make it easy for you. During the break, I have tea, I like it with lemon... We went down the four steps of the store basement stairs, ordered tea, and at that time the owner of the store called us from the shed: - "Wait a minute, please. Ok Sir We are here ", and we entered. It seemed that he had been drunk since yesterday. He brought out a bottle of supposedly dry wine. We drank just five glasses and then... dam, dam, dam, dam, dam, tara ra, tara ram, tam...
Beka Sakvarelidze