09 FEB / 18:00 ATINATI's
"When I was born, I decided to live " at ATINATI
The opening of Sopo Cherkezishvili's personal exhibition at ATINATI'S Culture Center.
Date: February 9th, Friday
Time: 18:00

Sopo Cherkezishvili (1971) mostly created feminine personal diaries. The majority of the author's imaginative works are displayed on expansive canvases with vivid, expressive colors. She repeatedly depicts the same persona in her art. All of her pieces use the same image of a woman, but the context, emotions, and expressions vary. For this, the author occasionally titles the picture right in the picture and occasionally utilizes the Georgian typeface.
"Why Women? - Today I am expressing my emotions through them.
What am I creating? I observe, listen, and communicate with those around me. I'm interested in both real and non-existent places." - S. Ch.
ATINATI continues the series of exhibitions using pieces from its collection. All of the works displayed at the exhibition are kept in ATINATI'S collection. The paintings on display are from the series "The Caucasus Was Thinking about Me", "Why Does the Grass Grow on My Head", "One Minute is Enough to See the Whole Life", "If You Need, Even Ships Stop", "And the Heart is on the Left", "Know that I am not waiting for you", and others.
Sopo Cherkezishvili (born 1971) is a Georgian artist. She graduated from the Art Academy and continued her studies in Holland, specifically Amsterdam (Gerrit Rietveld Academy). Currently is involved in teaching activities. She constantly participates in both local and international exhibitions.