16 FEB / 19:00 Novo Gallery
Home as a place of illusions and reality. A place where you dream and yet face the actualities. Where you’re naked, the most vulnerable, a place you’re constantly running away from only to return eventually. You go back to catch a breath, gain strength, pull yourself together, and keep on living—M.J.
Artist/designer Maka Jishkariani graduated from Tbilisi Apolon Kutateladze State Academy of Art, majoring in oil painting restoration, in 1995. Next, she worked for McCann Tbilisi, an international advertising company. Along with her personal show at the Folklore Center in 2019, she has taken part in various group exhibitions.
Her exposition The Self-Portrait of Living showcases works created by the artist using different media in the course of the past 4 years, including compositions put together in digital media at first and then transferred onto various surfaces, also objects using wood and mixed materials, etc.
The exhibition opens at 7 P.M., February 16, 2024.