16 MAY / 18:00 Vanda Art Gallery
Art Gallery Vanda presents Solo Show of Gela Zautashvili "And the Life Goes On..."
The exhibition "And Life Goes On" marks the first posthumous display of Gela Zautashvili's work. Here, a significant segment of this exceptional artist's work is showcased - a retrospective of abstract paintings spanning various periods of his life.
Each solo exhibition offers a distinct presentation of the artist's work. An exhibition can range from large-scale and multispectral to focusing solely on a particular aspect of the artist's creativity or genre, highlighting thematic cycles, and more. However, each exhibition is more then just a creative report - it serves as a reflection of the artist's inner world, acting as a sensitive barometer of his spiritual state while representing his personal and human qualities.
"Every man should pass through the door of Picasso, but he must not stay there, he must go further." — André Breton.
It is precisely this statement that resonates with Gela Zautashvili's views on art and thoughts on the essence of artistic creativity.
When the art historian by profession burdened with boundless knowledge in the field of art history decided to devote his life to painting, it was hard to shed the enormous burden of information and find himself in art. However, as it turned out, this knowledge did not hinder him; instead, it aided the artist in clarifying his direction, discovering his unique artistic realm, and crafting spiritually rich, sublime abstract paintin.
Gela Zautashvili's name is associated with the first exhibitions of abstractionism in Paris and Moscow during the late 1980s, as well as the formation of a group of non-figurative art together with the patriarch-abstractionist Alexander (Shura) Bandzeladze.
Upon closer look at the nonfigurative part of Gela Zautashvili's work, one can feel the influences from European Tachism, informalism, and American expressionism. Within the structure and technique of his paintings, and in the asymmetrical balance of color spots, the proximity to the Japanese tradition of artistic contemplation and understanding in art is read. The artist skillfully uses all these elements in his uniquely individual artistic creations.
The themes of Gela Zautashvili are nature, human, struggle, the infinity of the world.
He is a painter who perpetually sought to express the essence of phenomena and events, resulting in art that is deep and original.
The works of Gela Zautashvili are kept in numerous museums and private collections worldwide.
Free entry.
Opening: Thursday, May 16, 6:00pm
Address: 14 Daniel Chonqadze street, Tbilisi
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