24 MAY / 18:00 Baia Gallery
Buto Avaliani is an ‘outsider’ - a professional physicist, not an artist. He entered into this ‘field’ from the discipline of physics, and remained there in order to paint. He began painting in the 1980s, and continues doing so to this day, transforming the activity into a daily process: a means of communication with the world, an exchange of information and energy. Up until now, he has managed to maintain a low profile - he has neither participated in exhibitions, nor publicly announced his position as an artist. Nevertheless, his numerous abstract works prove that his actual ‘field’ within the realm of painting is to act as a ‘conductor’ between the universe and his self. Through numerous colorful, shimmering abstractions, the painter creates a system and a field of attraction in which viewers wish to remain for an extended period and simply enjoy their existence.
Baia Tsikoridze