"ცა ფირუზ ხმელეთ ზურმუხტო" ან ხედი ჩემი ფანჯრიდან

17 JUN / 18:00 ATINATI'S
“TSA-PIRUZ KHMELET-ZURMUKHTO” or The View from My Window
The first solo exhibition of Lia Bagrationi's paintings in ATINATI
The ATINATI Cultural Center invites you to Lia Bagrationi’s solo exhibition on Monday, June 17, at 18:00.
Lia Bagrationi is one of the most prominent figures in modern visual art, having worked in a variety of media throughout her career. For many years, her main language of expression was clay. She graduated from the Tbilisi State Art Academy in 1980, and has been actively engaged in art since in 2000’s. Lia Bagrationi is a ceramicist by education.
She exhibits her works in Georgia and abroad. Her creative experiments are based on historical memory, and, as a result, are a reevaluation of traditional knowledge and modernity. She boldly uses different media - fabric, video performance, installation, object, sculpture, and photography.
Lia Bagrationi is displaying her painting for the first time at ATINATI’S cultural center. The exposition was designed especially for this show, and provides a thorough view of the artist's position towards painting.
"I don't like being in a comfort zone, and always try to escape from it" - L. Bagrationi
To conquer fullness, she needs to feel emptiness. For her, freedom is a search for limits.
The exhibition, named “TSA-PIRUZ KHMELET-ZURMUKHTO” or The View from My Window, is the same view seen from the window of the artist's residence, which she depicted on the canvases. The central place in the exhibition is occupied by the canvas on which the window in the artist's workshop is depicted. Lia Bagrationi has actively applied different colors and forms to her vivid landscapes and carefully designed borders, thus taking the viewer to the horizon of her personal vision. Lia Bagrationi (1957), a modern Georgian artist, is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC). She is a co-founder of the Georgian Ceramic Art and Craft Foundation, The Clay Office and an associate professor at the Tbilisi State Arts Academy. Her works are preserved in both local and international collections.