elene akhvlediani

Elene Akhvlediani - (1898-1975) 

The artist is regarded as a pioneer of the urban landscape in Georgian modernism. Her paintings are noted for the combination of decorative and painterly treatment - the use of a multitude of concrete details and generalized, almost abstract elements, the impression of depth and two-dimensionality, careful attention to detail, and application of broad, flat brushstrokes. 

Some of her works offer a synthesis of several of these techniques, which allows the painter to create the right mood. Akhvlediani is more concerned with showing the genius loci rather than presenting landmarks. That is why her cityscapes are so alive, colourful, and expressive. The pictures tell stories of the people living in these places. Even if people are not represented, the viewer can get a sense of their everyday existence. Elichkha’s landscapes are filled with an implied presence of the people residing in the neighbourhoods featured in her paintings.