“Every has its peculiar story to tell, allowing it to be worn with confidence.”

Tamuna Ingorokva.

Tamuna Ingorokva

Tamuna Ingorokva is a Tbilisi-based fashion designer and the mastermind behind INGOROKVA, women’s luxury apparel brand, launched in 2002. Shortly after completing the first two years at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Tamuna moved to Paris to pursue design at an advanced level at ESMoD School of Fashion Design. This marked the beginning of an era of frequent travels—the most powerful source of inspiration for Tamuna to this day.

Alongside some of the most remarkable experiences from life in Tbilisi, it is cinema that has proven to be an unshakable source of inspiration for her—with sufficient attention to detail, one would easily spot subtle cinematographic elements in virtually any collection by INGOROKVA.

Tamuna Ingorokva

Every garment is in absolute harmony with individual characteristics of the wearer, rounding off each individual journey of self-discovery and manifestation. Her new collection is an ode to local manufacturing and heritage

Tamuna Ingorokva

Masculine cuts, which the designer believes to be a powerful source of feminine energy, are always at the core of Ingorokva’s collections. 

Tamuna Ingorokva

INGOROKVA speaks to independent, free-minded woman, who are well aware of their core values and seek for brands that share their mentality: quality over quantity.

With that in mind, the main message from INGOROKVA for the year 2021 would be the following: Do not buy too many of our jackets. Get one, take good care of it, and it is bound to remain at your service for at least a decade.