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The exhibition entitled "Artist and Epoch" on show at the Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia is dedicated to the 145th anniversary of Shalom Koboshvili's birth. Shalom Koboshvili (1876-1941) is the foremost Jewish painter in Georgia. His work is connected with the Jewish Historic-Ethnographic Museum, where he worked as a watchman in the latter years of his life. The exhibition represents the epoch spanning the years of the artist's life (1876-1941), and includes up to 150 exhibits. Apart from Shalom Koboshvili's artworks, the exhibition also features thematic paintings and graphic works by David Gvelesiani; the diverse collection of the Georgian National Museum; 19th and early 20th-century Jewish garments, textiles, religious, ritual or everyday items; photographs preserved in the archives of the David Baazov Museum of History of the Jews of Georgia and Georgian-Jewish Relations; Dimitri Ermakov's photo archives; as well as documentary and archival materials provided by the National Archives of Georgia and the National Library. The exhibition has been enhanced with multimedia components and a short documentary film "The Guardian of Memories," created for the media platform Chai Khana as part of the project "The legacy of Georgia's once-vibrant Jewish communities," which is supported by the Embassy of Israel in Georgia. Curator: Lela Tsitsuashvili Designer: David Janiashvili Exhibition duration: December 22nd, 2021 - May 5th, 2022