#GlimpseinGallery - MOTUS. This exhibition brings together the works of three artists: Levan Kharanauli, Zeinab Barnovi, and Theo Moukhigouli. The showcased artworks, as is expressed in the event’s title (Latin: "MOTUS" meaning moving or moved), are independently linked to the notion of movement, through which the transformation of space-time relations, humankind, and the object itself becomes possible. Theo Mouxigouli’s series of mixed media objects "A Heart for Every Fate", conveys various visual forms from the artist's memory through dynamism, rhythmicity, comprehensive construction of the compositions, and the expressive movements embodied in the objects. The series of self-portraits by artist Levan Kharanauli consists of three works, in which the impact of events on an individual's life path can clearly be read. The self-portraits, which are connected with Levan Kharanauli's return to the creative process, reflect three stages of the artist's life (childhood, youth, and the present day) and are generally related to the path of personality change that brings about unexpected transformation in a person due to the power of circumstance. Artist Zeinab Barnovi created the project “Heroes Square1990-2022”, which visually describes one of the main areas of Tbilisi's urban development in the contexts of culture and architecture - the formation of Heroes Square - while at the same time chronicling individuals and society, their lives and daily routines, as well as the political events taking place around them. Host of the exhibition: Hermit space Curator of the exhibition: Salome Eristavi