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Artist in focus • Irakli Gamrekeli (1894 - 1943) was a Georgian theater and film painter, a futurist and constructivist artist, also one of the founders of Georgian stage design. Irakli Gamrekeli’s turning point occurred during one such exhibition, when Kote Marjanishvili noticed his illustrations of Oscar Wilde’s “Salome”, and invited the artist to the Rustaveli Theater. He also worked in film production, as well as the creation of decorations for the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater. Irakli Gamrekeli formed an innovative tandem with reformist director Sandro Akhmeteli at the Rustaveli Theatre. Irakli Gamrekeli illustrated the only published edition of the Futurist magazine H2S04. Works are protected in Rustaveli Theatre, Kote Marjanishvili Theatre, Art Palace museum, Gamrekeli Gallery