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Artist in focus • Rusudan Gachechiladze (1936) is modernist sculptor and reformer of Georgian portrait sculpture. She is a member of the 1960s generation of artists. Rusudan Gachechiladze belongs to a small group of sculptors who chose an unbiased artistic path in both the Soviet and post-Soviet eras. Sculptor can present a portrait in a manner, regardless of the fact that he/she is a famous writer or a poet, that a viewer is caught by a desire to explore more about a model, to get better acquainted with a model’s personal adventure, in short, to communicate with the character. The series of gypsum portraits vividly show the influences of important moments in the history of fine art, be it portraits of the Middle Egyptian period with inlaid eyes, realistic busts of the Roman period of the Republic, or expressive Fayium iconography.