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Artist in Focus • Malkhaz Gorgadze was born in 1941, Tbilisi, to the artist couple-Bidzina and Elene Gorgadze. A ceramist by profession, after graduating from the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts (in 1956) he became passionately involved in the process of decorating the city’s walls. Many of the popular mosaic or relief panoramas located in different districts of Tbilisi are examples of his work. The artist experimented boldly with various forms of expression and materials, both when creating mosaic panoramas and paintings, frequently making his own compositions using textiles as well. The paintings, executed on large format canvases with bold strokes of the artist’s brush, manifest a genuine celebration of color and form. It is of significant interest that the stories unfolding in these exotic landscapes were inspired by biblical parables–a theme that the artist has been exploring in his work for decades.