The Historical Monuments of Mtskheta were inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1994. The property consists of the Jvari Monastery, the Svetitstkhoveli Cathedral and the Samtavro Monastery. Major archaeological remains bearing witness to the high level of art and culture of Georgia over four millennia. The complex of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (Literally, the Living Pillar Cathedral) in the centre of the town includes the cathedral church, the palace and the gates. Samtavro Monastery was originally built in the 4th century and has since been subject to various restorations. The main church of the monastery was built in the early 11th century. It contains the grave of Mirian III, the king of Iberia who established Christianity as the official religion in Georgia. The Major Church Jvari of the Holy Cross (586-605 A.D.) is Jvari Monastery’s most important and valuable monument. The monuments represent associative values with religious figures, such as Saint Nino who preached Christianity in the territory of Caucasian Iberia and It resulted in the Christianization of the royal house of Iberia, with the consequent Christianization of Iberia.