Walk in Tbilisi - The capital of Georgia where East meets West.

Tbilisi is the biggest, multicultural and multi-religious city in Georgia. It is located on the both banks of the Mtkvari river.

Tbilisi has been regarded as one of the most tolerant cities since the old times. This is evidenced by the shrines for people of different cultures and religions living side by side in one district: Christian, Gregorian, catholic churches, synagogue, an atashgah and a mosque. Diverse culture and ancient history of Tbilisi are conveyed by numerous sights and architecture, influenced by European, Byzantine and Oriental art.

Modern Tbilisi is distinguished by its eclectic architecture, different lifestyle of the city, variety of music festivals, trendy street painting and is considered to be one of the best hubs of club music. Taking the pulse of the city- that’s the main thing! Tbilisi narrates its history at every step.

Music- Gogi Dzodzuashvili & Rati amaglobeli - Qalaqi (The City)